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Jon Osiris’ Tattoo Vinyasa

How Do Consultations Work?

To begin the process, you will need to book a consultation in-person (preferred) or via video chat to discuss your ideas.  During this time I will assess the work you wish to have done and answer any questions you may have.  It is highly recommended that you do preliminary research before getting tattooed.  It is also very important to listen to and consider feedback and design suggestions related to size, placement, design elements, final execution and aftercare instructions for best results. Such counsel comes from many years of experience seeking the best possible finished product and just the right markings for each client. 

Please use the online booking calendar here or on my Instagram profile and come prepared with your ideas.  Consultation rates are $50/half-hour. For those who are ready to commission work and put down a deposit at the time of the meeting, the consultation cost will be credited toward the deposit.  

What Should I Bring?

Prospective clients are encouraged to bring in/send visual references, but please understand; visual reference serves best as inspiration and not exact copy.  Indelibly adorning the human form is a craft I treat as sacred, immensely gratifying and truly magical. Personal relationship and experience with your chosen symbolism is a potential gateway and talisman that leads toward the self and all its reflections.  

Can I See The Artwork Ahead of Time?

For obvious reasons I do not send completed design images to be viewed for tattoos via text or email.  I do provide rough composition sketches, thumbnails and partial design elements for your piece upon request to ensure the design is proceeding according to your wishes.  Any revisions desired should be discussed prior to your appointment. Most, (within reason), can be made the day of your appointment, before we begin the tattoo.  Large-scale revisions should be discussed in person if possible, well in advance of your tattoo appointment.  You may request a brief and separate appointment to view and discuss artwork for your project prior to the tattoo appointment if desired, and the above consultation rates do apply.

Can I Have Someone Else Tattoo Using Your Artwork?

Please also understand that once you begin a piece with me, it is essentially a contract between two parties, to complete the piece together. I intend to finish what we begin. Going to a different artist to finish work already begun without clear discussion and requisite mutual understanding / agreement is simply not acceptable. Going both ways, please do not ask me to finish or cover work by other artists until you have made the above considerations.  Thank you for your attention to these things. It will ensure all parties complete the work in the best possible way.

How Do Revisions Work?

Due to the time spent on research, drawing and designing, if you request more than one revision or draft amendment, or for any reason decide to back out after seeing the second version of the design, another deposit may then be required to proceed.  It is rare, but sometimes it happens. *If sending revision requests via email, please put ALL amendment details together into a single email.  This saves a lot of time for both of us.  

How Long Will My Tattoo Take?

The short answer is – “I don’t exactly know.”  This depends a lot on you and how you are able to sit for you session(s) and the designs you choose. Custom/Original pieces are completely new creations and I give estimates based on what I expect it to take, but this may change according to several variables; such as your mind/body preparedness and ability to sit still, the amount of time you sit for a session and how you space appointments. The best advice I have is that you come prepared mentally and physically.    

How Much Will It Cost?

The investment of time, money and energy is an important factor. Tattooing is a luxury service and there are no discounts.  That said, I strive to make things a fair exchange in all respects.  If you have a specific budget for your project, please let me know up front and I will do my best to give you appropriate options for this consideration.  

I am able to give estimates in person or video chat only and with so many potential factors and variables involved, may serve best as only a broad generalization and guideline. Once you approve the final design, I can give more accurate estimates of time and cost.

How Do We Start?

To begin your journey, a non-refundable deposit is required. This gets you on the appointment schedule and commissions me to create an original piece, just for you. 

Deposit amount begins at $100 and increases depending upon the size and complexity of your request.  Deposits for Full Sleeves are $250-350 and Back/Front and Full Leg project deposits are $350-550.  

Based on the total project and outcome, especially for smaller pieces, I may subtract some part of your deposit from the cost of the final session. 

Minimum charge for tattooing is $100.  Sessions (Multiple sitting works) are billed at $200 USD per hour. I work quickly but do not rush. Time is marked when the tools are prepared for tattooing. 

One sitting, By-The-Piece charges will reflect a fair weighing of time and complexity and may not coincide with the above hourly session rate.  

I Would Like To Book, What Now?

Once you submit your deposit, you need to book your appointments.  We will book ALL the sessions for your project at once, so please have your calendar handy.  Recommended space for healing time is between healing time is 2-4 weeks. 

How Do You Take Payment?

Cash is Preferred – Remote deposits can be made via Venmo or Paypal – Please notify in advance if you wish to use this option prior to sending any deposits and confirm your deposit amount before you send.

What Do I Need for My Appointment?

Please arrive at the specified time for your appointment.  I do very much appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement, but please DO NOT arrive early. This is valuable and important time for me to prepare for you and I may still be in session with other clients.  Thank you!

What to Bring: Please bring things that will be supportive to you during your session such as; snacks, beverages, towel/blanket/shawl etc.  I will make you as comfortable as possible.  

*Ladies- To preserve you modesty and privacy, if we are working around sensitive/private areas such as breasts etc, please bring an old button down shirt to wear as a smock, or something to cover nipples such as pasties if you are not comfortable completely exposing these areas. I cannot tattoo through clothing and the body needs to be as natural a state as possible for this process. 

What If I Need to Cancel?

Please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  Cancellations inside of 48 hours will require a new deposit in order to reschedule.  No-Shows will be subject to $200 surcharge and additional screening before being allowed to re-schedule.  

How Can I Contact You?

Please send, all tattoo and art enquiries, and visual reference to

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