About Us

The Sacred Serpent brand was born from the desire to create art and artifacts that can be worn, touched and interacted with.  Artwork that is beautiful, powerful and capable of representing the experience of the sacred in every-day life.  We are dedicated practitioners from diverse backgrounds that enjoy  Awesome Art, Good Times, Fly Gear and Deep Practice.

Being “heavily meditated” is a key to the betterment of any situation through clarity of mind and awakened action

Our Clothing

The Sacred Serpent sees clothing as our primary daily protection as we move through the world. As clothing must change to fit our activities from active to casual, we strive to produce ethically sourced and eco-friendly offerings that will be a comfortable underlay for our awesome artwork and designs. We’re sure you’ll catch the vibe!

Mission and Values

As the positive serpent mythos has lived in shadow for the past 2,000 plus years, TSS seeks to embody the original power and wisdom of that symbolism from ancient times.       ex.Kundalini, the Caduceus, Ouroboros etc. 

Our mission is to remind ourselves and others to look and feel deeply into the mystery of life.  It is to inspire you to engage with your power in the present moment through properly expressed and reflected symbolism. Visual language holds keys to growth, healing, and a deeper understanding of self.   Where mind and focus go, energy flows! 

We support and grow an empowered community of  artists, customers, clients and practitioners from many different disciplines, in order to promote the experience of freedom and happiness here and now.


About Jon Osiris

Born in the Year of the Serpent, Jon Osiris is the Founder and the Head Artisan of The Sacred Serpent LLC.  Founded in 2018 while resettling on the Pacific Northwest Coast of the United States, Jon continues to refine his creative style and process with dedication and skill.

In addition to running TSS, designing apparel, creating jewelry and other “charged” objects, Osiris has been tattooing professionally since 2007. For more about Tattoo Vinyasa and Jon’s booking schedule, click here.

Lineage: Following mystical experiences that occurred at an early age, Osiris has been an avid seeker of wisdom and truth that has lead him through many initiations and audiences with ancient and indigenous wisdom paths.

Osiris was initiated into an ancient order of Tantrik Yogis and Yoginis over fifteen years ago. After years of practice and dedication, he has been authorized as a qualified guide to instruct and initiate new seekers. He primarily utilizes the tried and tested techniques of mantrayantra and tantra; and you can learn more about his lineage here.