Are you tired of living a fragmented life, disconnected from your true nature and purpose?

The Sacred Serpent Founder and lead artisan, Jon Osiris / Sri Vijayanath has helped many go through profound change and get on the direct path to inner clarity, sovereignty and inner bliss. After decades of deep personal work and training under several masters in the east and west, with their blessing, Jon has heard the call to step fully into this role as a bridge and guide for those who want to go right to the root of their own transformation.

Change begins with taking charge of your self awareness and daily patterning. If you change nothing, nothing will change for you – It’s that simple.

If you are ready to leave mediocrity behind and take hold of your true nature and brilliance please contact Jon at to schedule a call to find out more about how he can use his gifts, training and expertise to uplift and support your path toward fulfillment, and the unfoldment of true peace, freedom, and happiness!

The INO Virtual Kula

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