Formidable Foundations

I fist met Mike at a motorcycling class and a couple of years later, he reached out to talk about getting his first tattoo. He wasn’t really sure what he wanted to have but a few ideas had been floating around and he was ready to delve into the process of possibility.

This led him to discover a bit more about himself through the experience.

During the consultation we discussed a few image potentials but fairly quickly settled on a bull, representing his astrological rising sign, Taurus. We also discussed a few ideas as to placement. Mike is a strong guy with a gentle heart and so a strong animal/image is well suited. He felt that he wanted to wear the image somewhere on his leg and the calf muscle. Interestingly, in Ayurveda, the calf is known as the second heart, pumping and circulating our lifeblood up from our feet.

As for myself, this had further connotations related to my recent journeys in India made easy associations with Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva! Overall, I felt the bull image suited him well as a power symbol and talisman of his own essential being-ness, and my mental impressions also showed me a rather detailed representation which seemed to be consistent with his nature.

Since the whole tattoo experience was new to him, the idea of intentionally working with an image as a tattoo never had occurred to him, but he took to it easily and found comfort in the relaxed atmosphere and easygoing conversation. Certainly there would be some sensation and physical discomfort, but we willfully moved forward with a confident decision to see it through.

I often burn some aromatic herbs, incense or diffuse some oils at the beginning of a session. He enjoyed this part of the the process and found it affirming to his purpose, as it is to mine as well. The sense of smell corresponds with the Earth element in the human body and I have found it to be most helpful to be very grounded and fully present when you begin getting tattooed.

With these thoughtful observances, we move from the mundane into the more intentional work. The tattooing itself provides the next phases of mind-over-matter shift, which can propel our consciousness to some very interesting levels…

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