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Artist Bio

Jon Osiris' Tattoo Vinyasa

“At the very least, Tattoos are powerful statements of individuality”.  -- Jon Osiris

Osiris has been studying the meeting of art and craft, since his youth, and tattooing since 2007. His process adorns and transforms the bodies of his clients according to their desires using his unique vision and skill.  

His work is no ordinary tattoo. Jon brings more to the table than just aesthetics; he bridges the mundane with the mystical, creating inspired works that honor the intention of the bearer.  As a student & teacher of both visual language and skilled craft, the tools in Osiris’ employ can lead to experiences that engage a process that connect us to the very root of the human experience.

“For nearly 30 years, Tattooing has presented a unique opportunity for me to cultivate myself as an individual. I am honored and humbled by those who continue to receive work from me and I strive to continue to learn and grow daily on this profound path.

Osiris is also a journeyman jeweler and metal-smith of some 20 years. He currently takes commissions for the creation of jewelry pieces, sacred objects, original art, graphics for clothing, as well as and paintings.  His work and processes are ever-evolving.

International Presence:

India : Pushkar, Rajasthan – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh  – Tiruvannamali & Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Nepal: Kathmandu 

Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Ko Phangan, Phuket

Laos: Vientienne, Luang Prabang

Bali, Indonesia:  Kuta, Denpasar, Sukawati

Korea: Seoul

Costa Rica: San Jose, Cabuya, Puriscal

Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt

US Guest Spots:  

Sailor’s Grave Tattoo  Eureka,CA

Triangle Tattoo  Fort Bragg, CA

Old Crow Tattoo  Oakland, CA

Temple Tattoo  Oakland, CA

Huntington Beach Tattoo  Los Angeles, CA

Por Vida Tattoo,  Albuquerque, NM

Black Rose Tattoo  Albuquerque, NM

Taos Tattoo  Taos, NM

Phantom 8 Tattoo Denver, CO

Lifetime Tattoo  Denver, CO

Iron Age Tattoo  St Louis, MO

Iron Tiger Tattoo  Columbia, MO

Tattoo You  Columbia, MO

Ragtime Tattoo  St. Louis, MO

Trader Bob’s Tattoo, St. Louis MO

Daredevil Tattoo,  NY, NY

Electric Anvil Tattoo  Brooklyn, NY

Chronological Resume:

2019 - Current: ArtCore Tattoo Studios in Georgetown Seattle 

2019 March: Saints Joints box commission artwork.

2019 Feb - August: Guest Artist at Slave to the Needle Tattoo Seattle, WA

2018 Fall: Inaugural Tattoo Vinyasa workshops - Seattle and Oklahoma City - Presenting the tattoo experience as an intentional practice.

2018 Fall: Featured on Tattoos with Intention Podcast with Australian tattooer Mark Nara to share ideas about the deeper layers of the craft.

2018 Summer:  Founded The Sacred Serpent LLC - Online Clothing, art prints, merchandise, metal craft and tattooing.  

2012 - 2018: Traveling and Tattooing Abroad: India, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, and throughout the USA 

2015 - 2017: Second and Third Commissions for Abel Reels Tribal Series – Raven Reel & Bear/Salmon Reel.  

2015: Created second and third Commissioned Ceremonial Trishuls and first run of 5 small Altar Icon Trishuls.  

2010: Submitted 8 pieces to HHT Winter Art Show 

2010: Hidden Hand Tattoo Fremont, WA

2010: Abel Reels commissions:

2008:  Pierced Hearts Tattoo – Original Crew 

2008:  Created the first Ceremonial Trishul / Sacred Icon

2007:  Began working at Anchor Tattoo Ballard, WA  

2006: Finished Tattoo apprenticeship with Collin Delgado

2006: Won Sterling Jewelers Company incentive trip to Maui, HI 

2005 - 2007: Head bench & custom Jeweler Friedlanders/Sterling Jewelers Bellevue, WA 

2005: Began Tattoo Apprenticeship with Collin Delgado

2003 - 2005: Bench/Custom Jeweler Jared Galleria Seattle, WA

2001 - 2002: Bench/Custom Jeweler Greenlake Jewelry Works  Seattle, WA

2000 - 2001: Bench jeweler at Shane Co Lynnwood, WA

1999: Apprentice jeweler at Shane Co Lynnwood, WA

Tattoo Vinyasa by Jon Osiris © The Sacred Serpent LLC. All Rights Reserved. 

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