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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Jon Osiris' Tattoo Vinyasa

Congrats on Your New Tattoo! 

I have done my best to apply your tattoo in a clean and professional manner.  From here on out, the final result is in your hands.  Below are the general guidelines for healing your tattoo.  There may be some additional info given verbally at the time of your appointment based on the specific nature of your piece, ambient climate, etc. 

I highly recommend using Siddha Labs New Tattoo internal formula and Keeper of the Ink Tattoo Salve.  Obtain some from me in person or direct via or on their Etsy store.   

Use the instructions below as a guideline and please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.

Washing protocol:

**DO NOT; pick, scratch or submerge underwater.  Bathing and swimming must wait until fully healed.  (approx. 2 weeks) Shower or Sink Bath is fine.

After about 4 days, the skin should be sealed up and it will become itchy and flaky.  Continue to apply some water-based lotion, coconut oil or KOI ointment a few times daily when dry and itchy.  After healing you may continue to moisturize any time to keep your skin well cared for and tattoos looking bright.

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