“I think that when you tattoo somebody, something can happen. It’s very symbolic. You are physically opening up the body and sometimes it would appear that the mind is opened up simultaneously. You can put information in.”

– Alex Binnie Skin Shows IV
“The yantra* which is one’s body, is the best of all yantras.”
– Gandharva Tantra

A Tattoo Can Be Much More Than Skin Deep…

Tattoo Vinyasa is a step-by-step process based on ancient tantrik tradition and yogic principles, and is a creatively inspired manifestation of Osiris’ lifetime practices.  By embodying this flow of energy and information, we are then prepared to take the experience of getting a tattoo to it’s highest possible expression.

In this presentation, no tattooing is taking place. Instead, Osiris reveals how to use and apply traditional visionary symbols and sacred geometry in guided meditation, ritual, and artistic expression to benefit you.

When you attend this workshop, you’ll learn ritual observances and have an authentic experience in tantrik ceremony. You’ll discover mantras and meditations, and learn how to receive a meaningful, unique and empowered tattoo.

Certainly, Osiris believes that it does matter who you get the tattoo or design from – However, with these tools in your employ, getting the particular manifestation or “medicine” that you want and need from your experience will be much more likely, regardless of who you get tattooed by.  You will also receive take home materials and a temporary tattoo through ritual in our workshop, as a easy and fun, yet potent reminder!

The principles and the practical steps you’ll learn can be applied to any area of your life. Take Osiris’ framework and use it to consciously transform yourself and manifest your desire.

Who is Tattoo Vinyasa For?

If you have just begun thinking of getting a tattoo, attending the workshop may be of great benefit to you.

If you’ve been thinking about a meaningful, unique tattoo that reflects your values, lifestyle, and personal self-evolution, you’ll want to attend this workshop.

And if you are a yogi/ni, tantrik practitioner or a serious student of spiritual development; you should definitely attend our workshop.

What is Vinyasa?

A Vinyasa is a flowing between a beginning, a middle and an end. This progression should carry you smoothly between each phase and take you to your destination.

Jon Osiris’ Tattoo Vinyasa is also a flowing process. It is designed to take you to the ultimate expression of what a tattoo can be while revealing the secrets of this unique yoga. Once experienced, you can apply these teachings to your day to day experience in a mindful and palpable way.

“Shakta does not teach union in a remote future, but here and now and in everything we do.”

– Shiva to Devi in The Tantra of Blowing the Mind by

Sri Gurudev Mahendranath

It’s also worth noting that vinyasa relates to the syllables “vi” and “nyasa”. Here, “Vi” stands for extraordinary, particular, unique, and special.  “Nyasa”, “comes from the Sanskrit root meaning, “to place”. (- Dr. Robert Svoboda quoting The Aghori Vimalanda – Aghora II Kundalini)

If all this sounds too abstract, perhaps you’d like to take a look for yourself:

“No external symbol, however sophisticated, is a substitute for the body-yantra. With its physical and psychological planes, the human body is considered in tantrism to be one of the most powerful instruments of spiritual transformation.”

– Madhu Khanna – Yantra

Here’s What Some Practitioners Say:

“I always look forward to my time with Jon. It’s not just a tattoo session; it’s an experience steeped in both spirituality and friendship.  Over the years I have developed a deep trust and respect for Jon and his practices. I am honored to wear his work!”
– Richie

“I would like to offer up deep gratitude for what you’ve given me. Your healing energy was exactly what I needed.”
– Sylvie

“What Tattoo Vinyasa gives me is a portal; a sense of sanity. A path, the path, my Path. Forming a stronger connection to my internal connection. A healthy cope. Closer to breath, synced as it were, taken aback and lead forward. A centering. Acceptance of myself. Relief from yearning. Belonging to the experience and belonging to all that is. A tattoo for the soul – when healed, altered, made whole. Sacred.”
– Doug

Reserve Your Spot At The Next Tattoo Vinyasa Event

When you attend a Tattoo Vinyasa Workshop you will:

  • Learn yogic principles and integrate them with your next tattoo experience to further your conscious self-evolution.
  • Discover what it really takes to get a meaningful tattoo that will adorn your body and enchant your life.
  • Receive the secrets behind symbols, archetypes and ritual concepts from an genuine and authoritative source.
  • Understand the fundamentals of tantrik practice and see how it relates to both personal transformation and manifesting your desire.
  • Express your personal mythology, your dharma, and your empowered will through your own lifestyle.

Tattoo Vinyasa workshops are deliberately kept to small groups. Make sure you submit your applications as early as possible to reserve your spot.

Every application does not guarantee a seat, and we reserve the right to restrict attendance.

See Our List of Upcoming Events Here.


“Tattoo Vinyasa is a ritual, a magical event of the empowered will. A vinyasa has a beginning, a middle and an end. When this vinyasa is complete, you will have learned tantrik techniques to apply to your next tattoo experience, that you may transform your life according to your will.”

– Jon Osiris

* Yantra: The geometric form of a mantra, energy vessel, machine. You can visit here to find out more.