Celestial Vision

I have been working with Doug for a handful of years now, and it has been nothing short of awesome to witness the changes and evolution that have taken place for him throughout and because of this process and relationship. I am humbled and honored to call him a friend and have him continue to return as a client as well.

Not long after we completed his first full sleeve project, Doug reached out to me about starting a back-piece. We consulted at the studio over some tea and discussed his ideas. His primary inspiration was coming from a feeling that a particular song conjured up. I knew the song and showed him an old etching from an art book from my library that seemed to correlate.

Without much more to talk about he turned me loose with complete artistic license, asking only that I listen to the referenced album while I designed the piece!

The imagery I was inspired to create for Doug began with a human skull. The skull represents the final truth of human life – that we are finite creatures who will all one day walk through the doorway of death. The mind is also considered the seat of consciousness itself and is the place where meditation bears its fruit. Mandala shapes around the ears depict the sound of universal consciousness and the jagged pattern within the bladed shape coming from the mouth indicates that this experience is unutterable – words fail. The third eye of the skull is a portal, representing our pineal gland. Passing through the portal, all constructs fall away and a great spiralling celestial vision overtakes the entire upper portion. Seraphim (angelic beings) swirl into the foreground and the whole expansive inner vision is awakened and ringed with eyes and wreathed with holy fire. Planetary orbs align on the neck and crown the design from above to further acknowledge a cosmic continuum. The spiral can be seen to move outward, but also inward to the small burst and negative center point.

The studio space is curated to be a calm and relaxing environment where many clients including Doug, enjoy a kind of healing, therapeutic, personal, and even transpersonal time for themselves while getting tattooed. As the curtain pulls aside, jostling the chimes that hang in the doorway, a fragrant incense curls from the altar. The slate green walls provide a soothing background for tastefully placed black-framed, original paintings. Serenity within intensity – Doug breathes deeply and easily on the table while my machine hums along with the stereo, mind and breath synchronized in rapt focus.

Over the course of our client/tattooer relationship, windows and perhaps even doorways into deeper personal awareness have opened – this stuff can be reflected through many different lenses by way of introspective moments such as these.

You don’t need to be an initiate of a secret society to get into this stuff. Just the grit of life itself and some real experience. The experience is the tattoo itself. A mental attitude of calm perseverance will take you through. The will to let go, allowing the marks to be made, moment by moment.

Ultimately, a person’s intent to have a more direct connection with themselves and their truth is enough to bring on a spiritual unfolding, and the process of getting tattoo can make room for that to occur naturally, as a matter of course. This is, of course, a most ancient rite…

We finished Doug’s back-piece and are already working on his second sleeve. The magic continues, as does the evolution of his body of work. Harmonizing the outside with the inside, and beyond.

If you have a similar inpiration, or a vibe you’d like to catch, feel free to contact me.. The creative process and the magic of getting tattooed can be most gratifying and enlightening and I look forward to hearing from you.

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