Being Here Now

This was Sabrina’s second piece from me after completing her first tattoo some 5 years ago. The former was a large Japanese influenced piece of flowing water and flowers.

This time she wanted to add something to an existing tattoo she had obtained from someone else, while on a trip. This tattoo was the word “NOW”, which was to be the focal point for the new designs. This moment right NOW.

Her recent explorations into meditation as well as the her passion for the focus of rock climbing had coalesced into a new awareness and appreciation for the present moment, which then called out for a more ornate representation to expand upon the simple text tattoo.

During our consultation, Sabrina had specific requests that included overlapping mandala designs around the existing piece with some shading and dot-work textures that would wrap partially around her forearm. As she spoke, I took notes on her descriptions and desires as well as scribbling down my initial “inner visions” which occur quite naturally and without effort.

Later, when I designed her tattoo, the following associations became clear and lead the way to what is now part of her personal mythology and an indelible inscription of a very powerful and beautiful realization.

“Now” is centered inside the lower four-fold mandala, having a balance of both strong and delicate lines. When we are open and centered in the present moment (which is the open channel of skin down the arm, ending at “NOW” on the wrist), time dilates and we may experience an array of magical moments of awareness within the the present. These possible magic moments are depicted as the underlying 15 fold mandala and represent deeper processes that lie beyond the conscious and primary four. (Four elements, four directions, etc). Cultivating a practice of this “NOW” awareness also means inner growth and manifestation signified by the organic, henna style forms sprouting from the NOW mandala rosette.

We completed this project in 3 sessions, the last being only a short adjustment of dark and light values within the piece. It seemed to go by so quickly, and she was so in love with idea and the end result, I hope it’s not too long before we start another project!

If you find yourself seeking a symbolic representation of an awareness, a lesson, or a spiritual experience, it would be an honor to make something for you.

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