Transformation & Renewal

When I met with Missy to consult about new work, she had a vague idea for a back-piece. A powerful image; something that would harmonize with new directions and aide in demolishing old and no longer helpful patterns.

A piece that would ultimately assist in claiming her personal power.

I immediately had visions of a phoenix because they are the mythical bird of death/resurrection/rebirth that catch fire, burn down to embers and then rise from it’s own ashes, again and again. She liked the idea of a bad-ass bird on her back and we decided to strike a balance between an eastern and western style phoenix, mostly black and grey, with a some color accents where most appropriate.

Our sessions, like most, were largely a time of quiet contemplation and perseverance with a bit of relaxed and relevant conversation. My tradition of clearing and holding space for each session sets the tone and focus for both parties without making things feel awkward or negating natural candor.

The complete project took 10-12 sessions and almost 4 years to finish. This was due largely to my travel requirements at the time, as well as her busy schedule. Perseverance pays off though, and the time we spent was a potent working in the safe, comfortable and sacred private studio.

If you are looking to get a meaningful tattoo done in a relaxed and meditative environment, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to talk to you, whether you plan on getting tattooed right away, or prefer to take some time to feel things out with design or subject matter, there is no pressure…

When the time right, simply let me know.

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