Protection, Power & Presence

Catie Ullasita is a yoga instructor and Amma Devotee with whom I began working with a couple of years ago. She and her partner Bryce are very sweet and sincere people who first got in touch with me after getting referred by a mutual friend whom I first tattooed in Thailand.

Her first pieces were the Butterflies on her triceps which we made at my then-satellite home-studio in New Mexico. We consulted via phone and email for the most part and a bit more in person before the actual tattooing commenced. She had put a great deal of thought into her decision about the butterflies, and since they were very specific images, things proceeded smoothly and quickly.

More recently, following a Tattoo Vinyasa Workshop I presented in Oklahoma City that Bryce and Catie generously hosted, I began the Dermal Darshan Sessions. For Catie, these new Yantra and Vesica Pisces (interlocking circles) pieces were quite spiritual, so we proceeded appropriately; purifying and aligning intention and focus, and working in a sacred manner.

For those unfamiliar, Yantra are tantrik tools – images designed to hold energy. They are the visual representation of Mantra and typically related to aspects of divine personae (i.e. gods, goddesses, planets, powers, etc). You can break a yantra down into specific areas of function from the outer gates, to the inner geometry to the central bindu, and they can be seen as progressions from the manifest to the un-manifest (a curious discussion for another time).

Catie worked strongly with the mantra for each yantra and Vesica designs, completing a total of 4 tattoos in one day! Strong medicine and a very powerful session for us both, I know she will draw much from the experience. We closed with more chanting of sacred syllables, blessings and much thanksgiving. Such a joyous occasion! I remain deeply honored by all who choose to get tattooed – especially in this way.

Tattoo Vinyasa is tied to the tantrik practice of Nyasa, which is what tattooing really is. It is an inspired process that also can involve creating an altar or similar focus point, chanting mantra to charge the work appropriately before, during and after, and closing with a special blessing (shaktipat) to imbue the tattoo and the client with Shakti (potency).

The inspiration for Tattoo Vinyasa came directly from my practice. I have spent the last 15 years of cultivation on the path of yoga and tantra, which often involves ritual, fasting, meditation, contemplation, study, and self enquiry etc. My lineage hails from the Uttara Kaula and Nath Sects of Himilayan Yogis and I also am humbly honored to serve as a guide for those who are finding their way on the same path. Tattoo Vinyasa is a piece of my heart and it is a way to integrate a yogic lifestyle with the craft and practice of getting tattooed in a deeply intentional and magical way.

If you resonate with a yogic/tantrik or any other sacred/magical/occult path and would like to discuss specific work done in a way that is appropriate to your values and inner vision, please feel free to contact me.

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